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Gentle Therapeutic Yoga

Tuesdays  •  11:00 am

Though this is geared to cancer patients and survivors all members are welcome to attend this low intensity yoga, good for beginners and restorative therapy

Join Dr. Shahla Kahn, a certified CPF (Christina Phipps Foundation) yoga instructor, as she leads you through a gentle yoga class geared towards individuals affected with various types of cancer. Dr. Khan has been trained to recognize the limitations that cancer treatments may have on an individual, as well as the lingering pain and reduced range of motion that often accompanies treatment. Additionally, she is experienced in using yoga as a form of therapy to help individuals progress towards better health and well-being. In this 60 minute class, Dr. Kahn will take participants through a series of gentle yoga poses and movements as part of the restorative and rehabilitative process that is associated with cancer. Those in both the treatment and recovery phase, as well as their supporters and caregivers are welcome to attend this class.

Fitness Center 273-3748