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Additional Readings regarding Ponte Vedra and Sawgrass History

Additional Readings regarding Ponte Vedra and Sawgrass History:

  • ‘Golf’s Driving Force.’ Adam Schupak
  • ‘The Beaches.” Neil McGuinness
  • “The Ponte Vedra Club, 1927-1982.” Elaine B. Koehl
  • “Ponte Vedra Beach: A History.” Maurice Robinson
  • “Ponte Vedra Beach.” Maggie FitzRoy
  • “Hidden History of Ponte Vedra Beach” Maurice J. Robinson
The Membership staff has kept a copy of all of the SCC newsletters since the start of the club. The interested historian should find that file which currently is in several boxes in the basement. There are also several files in the General Manager’s office, a box of newspaper stories in the Golf Shop and at least one box of old pictures in a box stored in the basement storage area."

Our thanks to the 40th Anniversary volunteer group of Leedom Kettell, Joyce Dyro, Jin Hoener, Phil Wiesner and Fritz Skeen for their energy and help in putting all of this together.