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Sawgrss Country Club
Qualifications for Membership:

Only persons 23 years of age or over, of high moral character, good reputation, who are financially responsible, compatible with our culture, and willing to support the Club's Mission, Vision and Core Values of mutual respect and friendly camaraderie for all members and staff are eligible for membership.  All members are subject to approval by the Board of Governors.


Membership Categories: 

Country Club Membership

Entitles the member, member's spouse, and their unmarried children under the age of twenty-five to use of the golf, tennis, fitness, social and beach club facilities in accordance with the dues category selected by the member. Options available for Individual or Family memberships.  

Junior Country Club Membership

Available to applicants between 23 and 44 years of age.  Junior members enjoy access to all the amenities  and pay reduced dues. Options for Individual or Family memberships.

Temporary Guest Memberships

Designed to accommodate those who elect to spend a vacation at the Club. Guest members are required to lease a property owned by a member to qualify.  Please click on the Stay and Play button above for more information on this plan.

 Deposit Plan

An interesting opportunity for a potential member who currently lives beyond our five county area. Perfect for the non-resident that intends to become a full member within the next two years and wishes to utilize the Club during periodic stays in the area before moving here or establishing  residence here.

*Due to a cap on our total number of members, there is  a wait-list for some categories of membership.